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John Revill


John Revill is a Kelowna Artist represented in galleries across Canada. This site catalogues and presents a section of his work.

John was born in Toronto in March, 1954 and has lived in the Okanagan Valley since the age of five. During his late teens he decided on a career as a painter, and although having never gone through formal studies in Fine Art, he has developed his talents through the mentorship of other artists and through his own personal studies.


Painters such as Alex Colville, Salvador Dali, and many of the Old Masters have influenced his technique and compositional style, as have the art forms of Canada's West Coast Indigenous People.


Most of John Revill's work embraces the Okanagan landscape. Together with his unique and playful interpretation of landscape elements, the colours meld and twist carrying the viewer's eyes through a hyper-reality, with forms and structures that reflect John's own personality and character - at times in conflict and other times, at peace with life.

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